Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Plate Settings

I like the doilies, and maybe could use them as place cards too with people's names so they know where to sit. 

Place Cards or Escort Cards on Table

I really like the buttons with people's names on them (maybe put them on the table as place cards, OR can use them as escort cards too).  My friend said she has a button maker, so would just need to supply the buttons which I found on amazon. 

Escort Cards: Hanging them along a string/twine

Wedding bubbles as favors
For 200, its $25.  

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Orcutt Ranch: The Venue

You can look at details of the venue on the following links:

Photographhyer: Floatawaystudios

Different types of vases for centerpieces

I've collected different type of vases from thrift shops to put on centerpiece. Many of them look like the following:

Photobooth Ideas

We want to make a photobooth with like a cute linen as a backdrop, and have some fun props on the side for people to take photos with random props and a guestbook where people can put their polaroid pics with note. Plus, we'll prolly make a frame or chalkboard with instructions or something. 

String Globe Lighting

We have bought 4 string lights which are about 40ft long, and planning to get maybe another 8 more if possible at big lots where they sell it for $12 each.  We want to hang them up in the dance floor area, and a few where people will be seated because it's pretty dark in those areas once it turns night. 

Dessert Table

At the venue, this is how the dessert table area looks.   And then, on the sides, there is this bookcase looking thing:

These are my inspirations:

Orcutt Ranch, Ceremony Area

The ceremony area is a grassfield, with just green all around. We want to face the tree for the ceremony. This is an inspiration for this area (if I want to add the burlap theme thing) with some kind of stand for candle lighting or the sand mixing part:

Drink Station with Infusion Jars

I would like to set up a Drink Station with Infusion jars around the tree that is near the dance floor like the one above.  Here is the round tree area at the actual venue:


I am also going to be making framed chalkboards like this for the drink station and other stations including the dessert bar, the photobooth, and the guest sign in tables, etc:

Tree Guestbook

I'm asking Johnny's older sister to sketch us a tree, similar to the one below from I would like to add a verse, and maybe a picnic setup underneath the tree. 

Wedding Invitation Ideas

I want to go through with something like this, except make the square envelope like blush pink, and put like ivory/white lace detail somewhere with possibly some floral thing going on.  In the front, I thnk I want to go for something sea foam green, or like gold detail with a pearl or something on it.   Also, the doilies, I feel like it woudl be nice to put some doiliee/lace detail around the edges of the opening of the envelope. 

Inspiration board

I found the inspiration board that fit just the earthy color tones that I want to incorporate:

Flowers for bouquets and centerpieces

Ivory Lace Candle Centerpieces

I'm going to make these ivory lace candles to place a few as part of the centerpiece decoration like these from

DIY Tin Can Vases

I also would like to add a tin can decoration as part of the centerpiece decoration like the following from